Summerisle is a rain or shine event.  No refunds are available.

Tickets will be on sale Saturday, February 29, 2020! 

Sale times, tiers, and prices for 2020 will be announced! 

In 2019 we loved and will be happily using them again in 2020.

How do I purchase tickets?

You will need to create an account on It is recommended that you do this by “Login-In with Facebook” But there is the option for using an e-mail address. Once you have your account and are logged in… select Summerisle Burn from the main menu under “Purchase Tickets.”

Starting June 1st gate tickets will be available for $100. We will close on-line sales on Monday June 17th, then they will be available for purchase at the gate for $100 (cash or charge).

1) USE YOUR LEGAL NAME, the one that’s on your license.
2) Transfer your guest tickets to your guests. Go ahead and buy them, but then send them over to their own account. This will protect you from having to wait at gate for a friend to arrive… since you and ALL YOUR GUESTS must arrive at the same time… no exceptions.
3) Anyone minor, that means anyone under 18, must be checked in with a paying adult. That adult must remain on site during the entire time the minor is in attendance.

Where are my tickets?

The tickets are already in your name. If your guest(s) are coming with you, they will be recognized as your plus one (or two, or three). You can confirm your tickets and ticket numbers via this page.

ALL tickets are will call

To get in the gate, you will need a current government issued ID matching the name with which you purchased your tickets. If you purchase tickets for other people, do consider transferring their ticket to them (see instruction below)

All tickets listed as ‘guest’ must be checked in with the primary ticket holder at the time the ticket holder checks in. (This means you cannot come back to the gate to check in your friend, you must arrive together.)

I need to change my name on my ticket

If you’ve put “Sparky McSparkleson” on your ticket, you’re not going to get into the gate without a government ID that matches. Your options here are legally changing your name, getting a matching ID, or changing your name on your Burner Tickets account to your legal name (which matches your government ID that you’re bringing to the event.)

To change your Burner Tickets account name, just click in the top right corner, where it says, “Howdy, Steve” (or whatever your name is) and scroll down to “Edit My Profile.” Make sure your first and last name are your first and last name. (Alternatively, click here.)

(If the above paragraph doesn’t make any sense, login to your burner tickets account and try again.)

You can confirm you’ve done this correctly on the ticket transfer page.

I need to transfer a ticket

If your guest(s) are arriving separately, or if you just don’t want to be responsible for their ticket anymore, you can transfer the ticket to them via by clicking transfer and entering their email address.


Once they’ve set up an account on, we’ll have their info, and they can accept the ticket. The ticket will then be removed from your account and fully in their possession. No take backs. 

I can’t log into my account / reset my password!

BurnerTickets requires it’s own account.  This is separate from any accounts you may have with various burner organizations.  If you haven’t created an account, you’ll need to do so.

If you used Facebook to create your account, the reset or recover password options will not work properly for you.  You will want to click the “Facebook” icon on the login page instead.

I didn’t get an email!

If you didn’t receive your email, please check your spam folders.  Emails are sent from

It is also possible that we do not have a working email on file for you.  If you believe this is the case, please log in and edit your profile here.

If you would like to confirm your tickets, you may do so on the ticket transfer page.

What if I don’t have a PayPal account.

Summerisle uses PayPal for payment processing.  A special account is not required.  You can use any credit card without the requirement of signing up for PayPal.

My purchase didn’t go through?!?

Please contact us at: (Please assist us to help you quicker by specifying which event your are needing help with and provide as much information about your problem as possible.)

I’m freaking out man!

Just chill. If you’ve made it here, and are still having issues, please email us at, and we’ll get your problem resolved. (Screenshots are handy.)

(Please assist us to help you quicker by specifying which event your are needing help with (SUMMERISLE) and provide as much information about your problem as possible.)


We want to burn with you. Promise. 

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