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We want the burn.
We need the burn.

Most excellent news! Lord Summerisle and Their band of happy minions can now officially begin ALL The Plannings for Summerisle 2022. That Thing We Do is set to occur on June 16-20, 2022. Early entry for theme camps and leads will start on Wednesday, June 15 and Exodus will be on Monday, June 20. Tickets will go on sale, theme camp and RV registrations will open, volunteer shifts will go live, and event submissions & art grant proposals will begin on Saturday, March 12. We’ll be updating the website with all the latest as we get closer to burn week.

As we shift through the pandemic, we’re exploring civically-minded ways to have our burn while observing CDC and PA Dept. of Health guidelines all while keeping harm reduction at the top of our priorities. In this vein, and after very careful consideration over the last year, all of the BoD and elders have unanimously agreed that if we are able to produce Summerisle 2022, it will be a vaccinated-only event. We believe that this is the most civically responsible way to have our burn, limit community spread, and reduce harm. Based upon relevant local and federal guidelines closer to the date, there may be a booster requirement as well. If that happens, we will announce it as soon as a decision is made so that all of our burners will have the time to make proper arrangements. We ask you to consider this requirement becoming a reality in the months ahead and prepare to be flexible as best practices emerge. If there’s one thing most burners are good at, it’s excelling in the face of challenging and changing conditions.

The truth is that we cannot predict what will happen as we continue to navigate event planning, legal requirements, and the pandemic itself. We can, however, promise to continue to move forward with transparency and engagement with our community, and to keep everyone apprised of our decisions and rationale every step of the way. We appreciate everyone’s patience with this type of uncertainty and are grateful to be at the helm of a community that actively values and practices communal responsibility and cares for their burner family.

If you have any questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccines, please consult the CDC website at this link.

If you previously bought tickets to Summerisle 2020 and did not request a refund, they carry over to this event and this event only. If you need to confirm your purchase, request a refund, or have any questions, please send us an email at summerisleburn@gmail.com.

We greatly look forward to finally being able to have our burn this decade and to seeing all of your faces on the mountain again!

139 days until the effigy burns. 🔥


Lord Summerisle

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