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Radical Self-reliance is an important part of our community, but sometimes it’s just not enough. Need help on the mountain? Go to your nearest Pink Lamp Camp! PLCs are theme camps who support the burn principles of Communal Effort and Participation by helping to provide assistance where and when you need it. If you have a problem that you just can’t solve on your own, seek out the nearest PLC- recognizable by a lantern logo sign and pink lights and also noted on the Summerisle map and theme camps list- where someone with a radio can make a call for whatever assistance you require .

Have a theme camp and want to help make the community a safer place or provide a little extra Communal Effort? Become a Pink Lamp Camp! PLCs essentially act like dispatchers, radioing to the appropriate departments in order to acquire aid for a burner in need. You will receive training, a “cheat sheet” to keep on hand with info on radio channels and instructions, and any other support you require. Sweet signage and groovy pink lights will be placed in front of your camp and you will receive a radio to call for help. When your pink light is on (the time frame is set by you, but is ideally most of the burn to increase accessibility), your camp will need to have at least one responsible, baseline sober adult who is available to respond to requests for assistance. While it’s fantastic if you can help folks solve their own issue, you are not being asked to take on the role of Ranger, First Aid, Sanctuary, or enforcer; you are simply there to provide a line of communication to the appropriate department.

We would love to have PLC volunteers in every neighborhood to spread the love and widen the web of support- if your camp has willing volunteers and would like to be a part of the PLC network, or you have questions about this program, please reach out to us!  PinkLampCamps@gmail.com

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