Summerisle is committed to spending as much money as possible to bring amazing art to the property. We should have about $7,500 in art grants to send out…more if people donate extra, and more if we sell more tickets.

We will be doing art-grant this year in a “Rolling” fashion. That means, get your application in early. As money is available we will approve them…and we’ll keep approving as long as we have applications and money.

Art grant amounts can be any amount, we might not be able to fund the full thing, but we are willing to try.

We DO NOT pay for:

  • Artist Time (we pay for materials only)
  • Alcohol or its ingredients
  • Camp Infrastructure

Here is the link to the application FILL IT OUT!  —

Got a question? Forgot something in your form? E-mail us at

Think we should spend more money on art? We agree… help us out and donate directly to the art-fund!