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We value the transformative experience of sensual and consensual touch, play, and interaction. We believe that consent plays a vital part in our connectivity and community. Our vision is that all parties participate in a physical encounter from a place of enthusiasm and autonomy. Consent must be explicitly granted from an individual who is clearly in a state of mind to be able to grant it.

-The 11th Principle, Consent
(Originally Drafted March, 2013 | Present Version March, 2014)

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If you’ve been a party to, or a direct witness of, a consent violation at a Summerisle event, online, or elsewhere by a member of the Summerisle community, and you’d like to let the Board of Directors know, please complete this form.

Confidential Consent Violation Report Form

All submissions will be treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. The Summerisle Burn Board of Directors, serving in their role as conduct committee, will not pursue legal action against any individuals. Any information provided will be used to determine if the consent violation warrants action that may range from a Board of Directors arbitrated restorative justice session with the alleged violator(s) and victim(s), to an outright ban from future Summerisle events.