Official SI 2022 COVID policy

 Summerisle 2022 is a vaccinated-only event. There are no exceptions to this rule at this time for any reason.  If a child under 5 has not yet been vaccinated, they will unfortunately not be admitted to the burn. We will not be testing at gate. 

We will be asking for proof of vaccination at a minimum, and booster, if eligible by timing, at front gate. Someone found to be falsifying their vaccination status to gain entrance into Summerisle will be asked to leave the burn without receiving a refund and will be permanently removed from the burn and all future Summerisle events.

At Gate, Summerisle will accept:

  • Physical CDC white card, State health card, WHO vaccination card
  • Picture of your CDC card WITH your government-issued photo ID in the same shot
  • Digital vax card

Your name should match on:

  1. Government Issued photo ID
  2. Covid Vaccination Document
  3. Ticket

If your legal name is different than what is shown on your vaccination documentation, you must bring your change of name documentation.

If you transfer a ticket to another person and their name is not on it, please read:

You are attending Summerisle at your own risk, but please help us to minimize this risk. If you are feeling sick by the time of the burn, please email us immediately at to request a refund. The email must be timestamped by Saturday 6/16/22 at 11:11 p.m. to qualify for a full refund.

If you bought a ticket for 2020, you are entitled to a full refund for your purchased 2020 ticket as this policy did not exist at the time of purchase. Please contact us by 6pm on 6/10/22 to receive this refund. We’re sorry, but we will not be transferring any 2020 tickets online, only doing direct refunds and transfers in person at gate. Tickets not refunded or used by the 2022 burn will roll over into our Art/Effigy/Temple and general operations funds.

We are continually monitoring CDC guidelines and recommendations concerning the Covid-19 virus and its variants and will update this policy as new recommendations arise.