reProgram is the W(hat)W(here)W(hen) Burn Guide for Summerisle. reProgram events are created and hosted by Summerislanders. Events can include a DJ set, a craft hour, a competition, a pageant, a fashion show, a game, a discussion, a dance class….whatever your mind can fathom and your spoons can handle to bring to the burn! If you or your camp would like to host an activity/event at the burn and want people to know when and where it is, submit your events for inclusion in reProgram by using this form! Yes, just click right here! Just get your info in before the form closes on June 1, 2022 @ 9 p.m.

This year, we have a live online version of reProgram available below for people to refer to before the burn as they plan their events – scroll to the bottom of this page to see it! reProgram keeps growing in real time as people submit new events here, so check back often to see the progress!


  1. Refresh this page to get the latest version of the calendar.
  2. Click on an event title below to get more details about the event.
  3. Want to add this schedule to your personal calendar or phone?ย  Subscribe by clicking this link.
  4. Having issues viewing this page? Try viewing our Agenda on Google Calendar.
  5. Did you submit an event and it is NOT showing up on the reProgram calendar after over an hour later? That means that there was an error in your submission and you must fix it.ย  To return to your form answers to re-edit/re-submit them, please read #7 below.
  6. **You will NOT be able to DELETE an event once it has been submitted. If you need an event deleted from the calendar, please email with this request.
  7. **If you need to edit the details of your event after you submitted it: When you fill out and submit the reProgram event form, the form will also automatically send you an email with a copy of the answers you gave…AND ALSO a link at the top of the email to return to update/resubmit the answers later. CLICK ON THE LINK THAT SAYS “EDIT RESPONSE”. It will take you back to the original event form that you submitted. All your original answers will be there for you to edit and resubmit! Yay!
  8. If you have any other questions, please email them to

Summerisle 2022 Schedule