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The reProgram 2024 Event Registration form is live:


Β The deadline to be included in the reProgram – PDF version is June 1st at 12 noon.
The PDF version is what is printed and displayed all over Summerisle during the event.
This form will remain open during the burn for last-minute events, which you can view on our Google calendar.


Here’s the link to the Google calendar of our reProgram schedule:



reProgram is the W(hat)W(here)W(hen) Burn Guide for Summerisle. reProgram events are created and hosted by Summerislanders. Events can include a DJ set, a craft hour, a competition, a pageant, a fashion show, a game, a discussion, a dance class….whatever your mind can fathom and your spoons can handle to bring to the burn!

We have a live online version of reProgram available below for people to refer to before the burn as they plan their events – scroll to the bottom of this page to see it! Watch it grow over time (especially the last two weeks in May). Just click the title to read the description! Change your event if you double-booked – the link return to the form to edit is in the automatic email reply you receive with all your event information in it after submitting your event to us.

Click here to download the PDF file of last year’s reProgram 2023!


Below is the website version of reProgram.
Click the event title to read more details!


Summerisle 2024 Schedule