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Art grants

Every burner is an artist, even if they’ve never thought of themselves that way before. And it means art isn’t just an incidental part of a burn, but often integral to our fully realized experience and expression as burners, and as human beings. 

Whether you build, draw, paint, perform, write, otherwise create, or even costume to the nines, you are a part of the art of the burn, and we want you to apply for an art grant. Want to build or create something insanely outrageous? Beautiful? Interactive? Weird, odd, and charming? DO IT!

Regional burns are an exciting place to try new ideas. You’ll find that burners are an artistically supportive, participatory group. Bring that idea out from the corner of your mind and MAKE IT REAL. 

FUNDING: Did you know that MOST art at burns is gifted by participants? It’s true! Many build and create installations, games, and theme camps with funds from their own pocketbooks. Some people turn to crowdfunding sites or host fundraisers to raise money. You can too! 

To foster an environment of weird, wild art (and we use the term broadly), Summerisle facilitates the creation and transport of art by funding it with art grants.