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The Summerisle Guide is for First Timers, Veterans, and Everyone In Between! Click on on a topic or download a printable copy.

Cultural acclimation and code of conduct


Remember to ask permission for physical contact of any kind, all the time. People at burns often hug hello rather than shaking hands, but it’s ok to decline a hug if that’s not your thing (and in turn, huggers, please respect those who decline!).


Everyone, even the organizers, pay for tickets to Summerisle. If you have not purchased a ticket, you will be escorted from the event. Gate jumping or sneaking on the premises will not be tolerated. We all benefit in our way from the private nature of the event, after all.


Consent is the cornerstone of any healthy community. Getting consent is simple: ask first before engaging in physical touching of any kind, something requiring permission that will radically alter another person’s experience, sexual encounters, and recording someone’s voice or image. 

Always respect the other person’s boundaries and response. Everyone has the right to consent or not consent to your actions in regards to their body, personal space, possessions, and artwork. Note that once you receive a refusal or denial of consent, continuing to pursue the inquired-about action constitutes harassment and is reportable to Rangers, and can result in removal from the event.

Remember, only you are in charge of your boundaries and experience, no one else can dictate what they are. Additionally, pleading, coercion, and emotional blackmail are unacceptable. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, ask for help, find a Ranger, or head to HQ. We are all here to look out for each other. If you see someone in distress or observe disturbing behavior, find a Ranger or someone with a radio.


At Summerisle, we have changed our Ranger program. Radical Self-reliance is an important part of our community, but sometimes it’s just not enough. Need help on the mountain? Go to your nearest Pink Lamp Camp! PLCs are theme camps who reinforce the burn principles of Communal Effort and Participation by providing a lifeline when you need it. If you have a problem that you just can’t solve on your own, seek out the nearest PLC – recognizable by a pink lantern logo sign and also noted on the Summerisle map – where someone with a radio can call for whatever assistance you require: Pink Team assistance, first aid assistance, sanctuary assistance, etc. anytime, day or night ensures that contact via a radio is never too far away. 

The Pink Team are the Adults On Duty during the burn – what used to be our Ranger team. Interested in becoming part of the Pink Team? Contact the burn directly. Black Rock Ranger training or rangering experience desired, but not required. Newcomers and Rangers from other burn events are welcome! Note: You must be sober for your shift and are asked to show up 10 minutes beforehand in order to be apprised of any ongoing situations to watch. 


Taking the property of others is strictly prohibited, and if sufficiently serious could result in the involvement of local law enforcement. Please respect the boundaries of ownership, and if uncertain about the nature of something’s ownership or status as a gift, ask.


Our event is Leave-No-Trace, but that doesn’t mean you should be looking to unload as soon as you leave the property. Please be mindful and respectful of the fact that local communities around and near the venue cannot tolerate the enormous influx of trash that would result if every departing burner left their load at the first dumpster or gas station dumpster they came across. We urge all burners to be good neighbors to our new home and our neighbors. When in doubt, consider this: if every burner who participated in Summerisle did with their trash what you are considering doing with yours, would the result be untenable? 


Food service is an incredible gift to the community, but with great power comes great responsibility! If you or your camp plan on serving food, whether to one person or one hundred, please follow all reasonable food handling and health guidelines. 

Food prep and serving individuals are expected to wash up, wear nitrile gloves, and all silverware and utensils used in prep or serving should receive a weak bleach bath prior to contact with the food (this includes cutting boards, pots/pants, and whatever the food is served on or from). Consider how best your food can be gifted to minimize both the chance of illness as well as related issues like mess, spills, difficulty in receiving your gift, and special needs (does the burner need their own plate? Spoon?)


Summerisle, as an organization, respects all local, state and federal laws. Underage drinking is strictly forbidden. Underage participants will be identified by a red colored wristband. The organization does not condone the sale, use, or promotion of illegal drugs. The same laws that apply on Main Street, USA also apply to public areas of our events. The same laws that apply at your house behind a closed door also apply to your zipped up tent. Everybody bears responsibility for their actions and the expectation is that we will all work together to ensure group safety. Participants found in violation of these rules will be escorted out of the event. 


The Good Samaritan Law provides protection from charges/prosecution for drug and alcohol possession & underage drinking – both for the victim and those who seek help for them – during an emergency. If someone needs medical assistance, do not hesitate to seek help immediately. YOU ARE PROTECTED BY LAW.


Nudity is permitted on site out of view of the parking lot and Bedford Valley Road. Keep in mind there will be children at the event, so please have a bit of courtesy in what you do in very public spaces. Remember that consent is not only for participants, but for those in situations where they are unable to choose what they are exposed to.


No exceptions, with violators to be immediately removed from the event.