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Fire and flame effects


Only registered theme camps are permitted to have campfires.  There will also be a large fire pit area with unlimited free firewood available for campers.  All campfires must be contained in a pit or bowl raised off the ground.  A fire pit can be elevated either through the use of kiln bricks/cinder blocks, or by purchasing a pit that is already sufficiently elevated on legs. Consider this a gentle reminder that the land upon which we burn is on loving loan to us, and we hope to return it in the pristine condition it was granted to us!

A fire extinguisher or vessel of water must also be nearby in case of emergency. 

In accordance with LNT observance, doused ash must be delivered to the venue compost area when cooled.  

Lastly, all firepits must be attended at all times by at least one member of whatever camp is sponsoring the pit. All unattended campfires will be extinguished, and leaving a fire unattended is potential grounds for removal from the event. This includes all unattended open flames, including candles, tiki torches, lanterns, etc. If it’s on fire, it needs a fire warden.


No firewood may be brought in from outside the local area due to the introduction of destructive invasive species that may live in the wood. Firewood will be available onsite at no additional charge to you. Please use caution when approaching wood piles. Snakes love them, especially at night!


Individuals spinning fire and using other such fire flow toys are strongly encouraged to obtain personal liability insurance to cover any potential injuries. Fire spinning is allowed anywhere on site as long as you have a designated safety and are at least 25 feet away from any tent. Please spin off before lighting up, using a spin off can or baggies appropriate for your prop, to avoid shedding excess fuel that may ignite at a later time.

Fire spinners should always defer to the camp they are spinning at or near, and please honor any requests for additional distance or any safety concerns raised by the camp. Your spinning is a gift, but the Principles are a balancing act, and we want everyone to feel safe to enjoy the burn. 

All fire spinners must have a safety. This safety must be trained as a safety, and ask that you do not merely find a sober person and give them a towel. There can be two (2) fire spinners for every one (1) safety. Please use Duvetyne or a comparable source, not merely water-wetted towels. 

Any camps putting on fire spinning events should plan to have a fire extinguisher on hand. The only type of fire extinguisher you can ever use on a person is a water fire extinguisher. All other fire extinguishers are to be used on material items only! 

Lastly, we ask that you be wearing fire safe apparel to spin fire and when serving as a safety. This means cotton, wool, leather, silk or being nude. NEVER spin fire wearing faux fur or polyesters/spun plastic fabrics, as it will melt to your skin and cause significant burning.

For a list of Safety Requirements for Fire Performers, please click on this link


Fire Conclave is the gathering of fire spinners and artists that perform before the burning of the effigy. Fire Conclave is open to any sober, experienced fire spinner who wishes to volunteer. Conclave will meet before the effigy burns to coordinate on order, safety, and to perform safety checks on all props. Please bring fuel and remember to leave no trace at the fuel depot. Since designated safeties will be stationed during the performance, training for fire spinning safeties will be given before conclave.

The time and meeting place of the fire Conclave pre-burn meeting will be on Saturday (Burn Night) at 5 p.m. by the Effigy.

The time and meeting place of the Perimeter pre-burn meeting will be on Saturday (Burn Night) at 6 p.m. by the Effigy.

For a list of Safety Requirements for Fire Performers, please click on this link


Got a propane poofer, flamebar, Ruben’s tube, butane blower, gas-blown furnace or any other effect or device using a combustible gas, liquid, or material, whether stationary, on your person, or mobile?

Register it so Fire Safety can inspect it!

Gas stoves, grills, and heaters will not require inspection. All flame effects must be registered with Fire Safety and be inspected before operation at