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First Aid on site

We are restructuring First Aid with the goal to provide more timely service while also giving our burners the resources they need for minor issues.

First Aid team will be a stand-alone station located near The Hive. It will be stocked with various items needed to self-treat minor First Aid issues. Our First Aid Spot Check Team will check in on the station once a day to tidy and restock the station.

Issues needing more immediate medical attention or a potential trip off the property can be directed to someone with a walkie talkie or a Pink Lamp Camp. A walkie-talkie can call for our First Aid Lead-On-Call for consultation or assistance.

If you need immediate emergency medical attention, have someone dial 911 right away. Fort Royale Farm is located in a rural area, so local emergency medical services have a longer response time than more populated areas might. Our property owners do alert the local rescue squad when an event is happening on the property. In the event you need to be evacuated, or wish to seek care while waiting for an ambulance, contact the First Aid Lead-On-Call and/or a Ranger. They can assist with getting you to medical care and with getting you back into the event afterward (if it is safe for you to return).

If you have a medical condition, consider alerting your campmates as to what it is, what to expect, and what to do if you experience an episode or flare-up. Please feel free to also say hello to the OOD (Officer On Duty) and other Ranger team members so they can put you on their radar.

First Aid asks all burners to be self-reliant and bring your own inhalers, allergy meds, and medications. If you have an EpiPen, bring it! Individual campers and larger theme camps are encouraged to possess a basic first-aid kit so you don’t have to hoof it to First Aid for minor things. If you are hypoglycemic, carry snacks or juice. Bring sports drinks to replace your electrolytes – water is rarely enough for the full weekend. And in the event something happens that is beyond your immediate ability to handle, go to first aid or – if unable to walk or move easily – have someone find a ranger to summon a golf cart.