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The Summerisle Guide is for First Timers, Veterans, and Everyone In Between! Click on on a topic or download a printable copy.

Venue details & expectations


Potable water is on site located at a single pump down by the Gate/Main Stage. We strongly recommend that burners bring a refillable water cube, to cut down on the number of trips required. Theme camps in particular might find it prudent to bring a few pre-filled containers from the tap at home, and rely upon the pump only as a failsafe.


Time for that do-ocracy spirit, burners! There will not be any showers or swimmable watering holes on the mountain. 

If you are planning on purchasing/bringing a solar shower, please bear in mind that body-washing run-off cannot simply be drained onto the land. Start planning for how you are going to capture, collect, and pack that greywater back out of the burn. 

Likewise, while evaporation ponds work at Burning Man, bear in mind that Summerisle’s time of year is often rainy, and moist forest environments that aren’t always ideal for evaporating away used water. 


Port-o-potties are provided in multiple banks throughout the property. Please be respectful to your fellow participants and do your part to keep the potties clean and in working order. Do not put anything other than single-ply toilet paper in the potties. This means NO: two-ply toilet paper, cigarette butts, baby wipes, feminine hygiene items, condoms, food, beer cans, walkie-talkies, etc. If it doesn’t come from your body, it doesn’t belong in the potty!

Also, please close the lid when you’re done. It helps keep the stank down (and out via the porto’s built-in venting system).

If you notice a problem with the Portos or a participant abusing them, please report it to a Ranger, LNT volunteer, or our Sanitation team. If you bring extra toilet paper in case portos run out, be sure to bring paper only explicitly marked on the packaging as single ply. Anything else could clog the honey trucks that remove the waste throughout the event.


Alongside all Porto banks will be designated handwashing stations. Please do not use these stations for dishwashing or bathing – the operative word is handwashing. These are here for personal use, and are our best line of defense against the spread of illness during the burn.