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Virtualisle 2020

Virtualisle 2020

Thank you to all who attended Virtualisle 2020, our online 10 Principles+ Thing on the Internet manifesting in whatever form your burner heart desired!   We invited our burners – our movers, our shakers, our doers – to help create a virtual world based on the 10 Principles of Burning Man for all of us to …


Summerisle Update on COVID-19

Hey Summerislanders, We are being vigilant in continuing to monitor the daily Federal, State, and local rules for public gatherings as we discuss our course of action for the burn. It’s our sincerest desire to proceed in the safest manner possible, with the health and well-being of our burn family as our top priority. However, …


Art Grants are now live!

Make the thing.  Build the thing.  DO the thing. Summerisle is committed to providing YOU with the funds to create.  Whether it be an entirely new project, an amalgamation of multiple past projects, or a repair of an old favorite, we’re all about facilitating your idea. Early bird decision submissions open until 4/1/2020. Final submissions …

Currently Available

Theme Camp Registration!

Theme Camps are groups of 1-1,000,000 folx just like you who want to bring interactive content to the burn!  Whether it be live music, workshops, chill space, bar lounge, food gifting, cuddle puddles, jam circles, sip and paints, interpretive dance, readings, or whatever you can imagine, theme camps bring their shared experience to the burn …



June 16-20, 2022
Fort Royale Farm
Bedford, PA

Summerisle Burn is a four day camping, arts, and culture event (yes, a non-commercial, weird, wild, wonderful, and welcoming art party in the woods) based on the principles of Burning Man. Summerisle is a collaborative gathering of community organized and fueled by volunteers. It is an interactive experience that is everything you choose to make it.

You are at once the entertainer and the entertained.

As with all successful burn events, Summerisle embraces the Ten Principles, and models itself on their guidance. We incorporate the principles of Leave No Trace (there are no trash cans, so you’ll have to pick up after yourself and pack your trash out with you), Decommodification (no buying or selling of private goods, and many choose to obscure or creatively alter any visible brands on trucks, tents and clothing), Radical Self Reliance (there are no vendors, so you’ll have to bring enough food, water, art, and whatever else you need to live for four days in a mountain woodland), Communal Effort (we each take part in creating experiences and volunteering to make this thing on the mountain go, from the virgin to the board and everyone in between.), Radical Inclusion (we welcome the stranger to participate. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are our cornerstones), Immediacy (we value overcoming the boundary between ourselves and new experiences and seek to create opportunities to find fortuitous serendipity), Gifting (we devote ourselves to acts of giving without the expectation of a return), Radical Self Expression (sharing ourselves from the depths of our hearts while respecting the rights of others), Civic Responsibility (each of us assumes responsibility for the welfare of each other), and Participation (Everyone is invited to work.  Everyone is invited to play.)  Consent (ask first: from hugs to any touching to photography to gifts, make sure they’re in a state of mind to grant consent and receive permission before proceeding. No pressure or hard feelings either way!)

Join us year round in our Facebook group.

Summerisle 2022 will take place at Fort Royale Farm, in Bedford, Pennsylvania. Cellular service with certain carriers on the way to the venue occasionally dropped through the mountains on the way in, but it’s excellent on site.  Be prepared with directions before heading to Fort Royale.

You must purchase a ticket, present a valid government identification at gate, and be vaccinated against COVID-19 to attend Summerisle. Tickets will be available for 2022 starting March 12, 2022. All participants must sign a waiver of liability and be vaccinated to enter. There are no exceptions. Minors must be ticketed, be accompanied by their legal guardian or have a signed waiver from their guardian, as well as a minor registration form with emergency contact information filled out by their parent or legal guardian.  These forms will be available at gate.  Children under 16 will be required to have a ticket but are free.

Summerisle is an all-ages event. Children under 18 are not required to have an ID, however, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at gate.  Any child or minor who arrives at gate without a registered guardian will be turned away.  Children under 16 will be required to have a ticket but are free.