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There are many ways that you can participate in Summerisle. It’s up to each individual to find their own best way to participate because without you and your participation, there is no burn.

Here are some ways you can do that.

Communal effort is crucial to making the burn go and this is where it counts a LOT. Sign up for 1 shift or many! It’s the best way to meet others and feel like you have had a helping hand in the burn. Plus, some of us find that this is their own favorite way to burn. 🙂 We need volunteers for First Aid, Rangers, Registration, Greeters, DPW, Info Team, Parking, LNT, and Sanctuary. 

  — Learn more and sign up here: https://summerisleburn.com/volunteer/

  — Volunteer signups open March 17, 2024.


Run a Theme Camp!
Sound camp? Chill camp? Turducken Basting Essentials Camp? WE LOVE THEM ALL. Theme Camps give back to the community with their awesomely creative content, incredible gifts, and scheduled (or unscheduled) activities. 
   — Learn more hand sign up here: http://summerisleburn.com/theme-camps/

   — Theme camp registration opens March 17, 2024.


Host an Event!
Want to host an event or activity at your theme camp — or independently?  Submit the deets via the reProgram Event Registration Form to be listed in the reProgram, our official burn schedule WWW guide! You must submit each event individually. The event schedule will auto-populate on the website schedule as people add to it (watch it grow!) and we will post the final schedule (both printed and QR access code for devices) on display boards located near the porto-potties all across the event, plus near the Hive (HQ at the top of the hill in inner camp) and the Library @ Librarians Against Humanity.
  — Learn more and submit your event here: https://summerisleburn.com/eventschedule/

   — Event and activity registration opens March 17, 2024.

Create and bring some art! 
Head over to our art grants page to learn more about how the Summerisle community can help you finance and bring your art to the burn. WE WANT ALL YOUR ART. Or bring art for the community create together individually or as a team. As an event or to give as gifts! Yes, this includes food gifted to participants! Food is art! Any art that benefits or can be gifted to participants is up for fundage.

  — Learn more and submit your art grant here: https://summerisleburn.com/participation/art/

  — Art grant submissions open March 17, 2024.


Build the Effigy or the Temple!

Make the biggest art pieces at the burn – then watch them burn!

  — Apply to build the Effigy here: Link will be posted March 17, 2024.

  — Apply to build the Temple here: Link will be posted March 17, 2024.


Got another sweet idea? Great! E-mail us: summerisleburn@gmail.com