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The 2024 Art & Experiential Grants application form: https://forms.gle/W778PkxXoG4SURUM8

Early Bird Decisions due by 4/1/24
Art & Experiential Grants application form closes 6/1/24


The 2024 Effigy application form: https://forms.gle/nFGXJS2ggWcsAn4F9

The 2024 Temple application form: https://forms.gle/5C7UoxCaboQF9seQ9

Effigy and Temple application forms closes 5/1/24


Summerisle is committed to helping you create and get your art to the burn.  Whether it be a completely new and interactive idea, a fresh version of an old favorite, or an amalgamation of every piece of art sitting in storage, many of us have done one or all of the above and gotten it financed through Summerisle art grants.

Can you read this and have you got your Summerisle ticket?  Then you’ll be eligible to receive a financial grant from the Summerisle community to help you create and bring your art to the burn in 2024!

Art grants are approved on a rolling basis.  As each proposal is received and as money becomes available, we will approve them…and we’ll keep approving as long as we have applications and money.

Art grant amounts can be any amount, we might not be able to fund the full thing, but get your proposal in earlier and more money will be available for you.

If/when your grant is approved, Summerisle will pay 100% of the grant up to $333.33 so you can have the money you need up front to get your art started and to get it to and from the burn!  If over $333.33 is requested, the balance will be paid after presentation at the burn. This system can only work if we appreciate the value of community and the financial contributions each of us makes in the form of ticket purchases and donations.

Art examples (but don’t let these ideas limit you!):

Physical installations, interactive projects, performances of any kind, body painting, workshops, costuming, flame art, sculptures and statues of any size, sacred spaces, artistic processes and processing, and food & non-alcoholic drink gifts for the community. 

We CAN pay for:

  • Materials
  • Makerspace time, classes, and production costs associated with your art
  • Tool & equipment rental
  • Propane / gasoline / white gas (camping fuel)
  • Powering your art
  • Transporting your art
  • Food to be gifted

We DO NOT pay for:

  • Artist time
  • Alcohol or its ingredients
  • Camp infrastructure
  • Storage space rental
  • Premade structures and furniture like tents, carports, tables, and chairs


E-mail us at art@summerisleburn.com

Think we should spend more money on art? We agree… help us out and donate directly to the art-fund!