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***ALL PASSES FOR RV LAND PLACEMENT FOR 2024 HAVE BEEN CLAIMED. You can register to be put on a waiting list should any passes become free, but no guarantees.

This only applies to RV Land placement.***

Here is the link to the Vehicle Placement Request Form for RV Land placement,
Theme Camp placement, & Accessibility Car Camping placement:


Summerisle 2024 will be accepting applications for vehicle placement requests
until June 1st at 12 noon.



  • Fill out this form to register your RV and you will receive a confirmation email if your registration is approved. Upon entrance, check in at the gate and they will radio for assistance in getting your vehicle into camp if needed. Unregistered RVs will unfortunately not be permitted entrance to the burn as there is limited space. They will have to go to general parking.


  • This form is also where theme camps wanting all large vehicles at their theme camps can be requested. This request must be made by the Theme Camp Organizer of the theme camp.


  • This form is also where those needing accessibility-related car camping can request placement. Only those will up-to-date disability placards or license plates may request this placement. All others must park in parking with everyone else. Anyone falsifying info risks being booted from the burn.


If your form is approved, you will be sent a private code to purchase your RV pass via our ticket page on Humanitix.com. All RVs and large vehicles must have a purchased pass that matches the name on the ID presented at Gate. RV passses are $40.00 + fees.

If you miss out on the RV Passes, your RV will not be allowed in. You cannot stay in your RV out in regular parking, you can only park it there.

Please note that there are no hook-ups available for RVs and campfires are not permitted in RV Land or at any camps other than registered theme camps.



Any questions? Email summerisleburn@gmail.com