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The 2024 Theme Camp Application Form:


 Theme camps are the amazing interactive heart of Summerisle organized by YOU!  Camps are groups of 1 to folx who come together to gift creative, unique experiences and content to the burn all without the expectation of financial exchange.  Some camps provide art, services, or entertainment in the form of dance floors, workshops, food and beverage shares, clothing exchanges, cuddle puddles, live performances, craft times, recycling and composting, massage, chill lounges, live music and DJ sets, adult themes, open mics, karaoke, bar camps, contests, pageants, skills training, and more.

But don’t let this description limit what content you’d like to bring!  Most whatever you can dream of is welcome at Summerisle!  If you have ANY questions on starting a theme camp, we have many experienced folx who’d love to help you out with your idea.  Feel free to post in our Facebook group or Discord server to start a conversation, or email us at themecamps@summerisleburn.com. Ticketed theme camp organizers and their support crew members enjoy early entry on Wednesday 6/19/24.

📷 by DL R.
Pyramid People, SI 2023; Easy Bake Coven, SI 2023


Submissions are approved on a first come, first served rolling basis, and map placement was an ongoing process as camps register and we best attempt to account for each camp’s unique needs. 

Click here for the 2023 registered theme camp map!


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📷 Deadly Moppets Lounge, SI 2019