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 The inaugural Summerisle 2019 registered theme camps:

 ♫ denotes sound camp

♫ Valhalla:
A Viking themed multi-media sound and video camp.

The Mint:
Las Vegas Casino & HST inspired, The Mint features bass-heavy audio stimulation and the Bat County flaming bar. Be sure to check-in with the concierge at The Mint Registration Desk!

A burner camp dedicated to the fine art of the home brew, and to finding the best damn company to share it with. Do you, too, suffer from cenosilicaphobia (fear of an empty glass)? Bring your lonely mug by, and we’ll put your fears to rest. We’re serving up beers, meads and ciders all brewed by camp members, and putting on some pretty rad happy hours. We guarantee we’ve got something for everybody!

Pyramid People:
We are the Pyramid People. We like pyramids. We camp under a big purple pyramid, we give away pyramid necklaces, and we play games with pyramids. We also like cubes and round things. But mostly pyramids.

♫ Flat Mars Society:
Cold beer on tap, and scintillating conversation. Drop in, grab a brew, and discuss why the red planet is not an orbital spheroid like our own dear mother earth. Or, ya know, we can talk about other stuff too.

Camp Debauchery:
We’ll be making Bacon Pancakes

Camp )*( Elemental:
We’re harnessing the power of the elements to bring forth All the Ahhh for Summerisle 2019. Enter into the Abode of Elemental Peace (aka Sanctuary South) where the calming resonance of our downtempo lounge will bring ultimate relaxation. Our 24-hour body buffing and massage station is open for your pleasure. Our healing temple will ground and center you. Thoughtful workshops and guest speakers will titilate your neurons and open reality tunnels hereuntofor unconsidered. Enjoy healthy beverages and smoothies at our flamebar. Impromptu drumming, yoga sessions, henna application, and hot cupping may manifest. Camp )*( Elemental! Now with 10% more relaxation or triple your money back. We chill harder than you party!

Low Expectations and Bad Decisions:
Low Expectaions and Bad Decisions. You know the drill by now, if not, learn it… The best homemade picklebacks, tasty snakes and drinks. Come on by.

Deadly Moppets Lounge:
When tired or overstimulated from playing on the Playa, come to our Arabian Nights themed Deadly Moppets Lounge! We provide a comfy place with cushions, lanterns, rugs and tapestries for you to rest, converse and enjoy some hookah and Turkish coffee.

Easy Bake Coven:
Let’s get Weird, Sister

Pengu is here to keep you cool and nerdy. Need some spotters for you spinning? Stop by and Coordinate with us! Want to talk gaming, LARPing, sewing, sneks, or other cool nerdy things? We are ready for you!

Em’s Enchanted Dressing Room:
Em is back. In person. for realz. This is a clothing exchange. Bring somethings, take somethings. You might find festie clothes, everyday clothes, even work clothes. Shoes, socks, maybe some jewelry, bits & bobs, a treasure trove really. So, help make it happen! Clean out your closets, and your drawers… bring me a bag of goodies. You can even change your clothes on the spot, but please don’t leave us stinky clothes, kay? Check back often, as selection is always changing. Hanger donations sincerely appreciated!

The Playground:
The Playground is a magical and mysterious place where incredibly remarkable beings reside to offer hedonistic play, childlike wonder, and fluffing to the citizens of Summerisle. We bring our legendary squirting competition/female body empowerment event (which has been to regionals on both coasts), a giant Twister board, and a fluffing station (mouthwash, sunscreen, massage table, back scratches, hugs, etc.)

Librarians Against Humanity:
We’re back – now with a real bonafide librarian! We’re legit now, fam!! Stop by The Library and “check out” as many books as you’d like! Due date: NEVER. SERIOUSLY. PLEASE KEEP THEM. You can also kick back and enjoy some coloring (we provide the supplies) as you recharge from all the shenanigans happening around you! BUT JUST TAKE THE FUCKING BOOKS ALREADY. P.S. – Even though we’re legit now doesn’t mean we’re gonna start keeping the library organized or anything like that. FIND YOUR OWN DAMN BOOKS. <3

The Wizards:
We used to say F U I’m a Wizard. Starting this year there is no more F U. We bring the same magic, revelry, and delight to our burn that we always have just with two less words. Our focused path is one of peace, love, and welcome. We wish to invite all to our bar in the evening, our unqualified advice/exceptionally novice divination reading tent in the daytime, and our member’s company anytime. Check our daily board, in camp, for “possible” impromptu activities…after all, we are burners!

The Mama Social:
Mama So has been described as “the lady who comes into your campsite, sits down, and talks to you like she’s known you all your life.” The Mama Social is your time come and sit with Mama So, to kick back, drink wine, eat cheese and crackers, and just talk. Mama So is here to do Oracle readings, dole out Badgerly wisdom, and exchange stories of action and adventure! Stopping by, you might find visitors drawing or learning needlework or reading their poetry aloud, or discussing more in-depth issues like why all 4-door sedans–no matter how expensive- look a Ford Taurus.

♫ Bourbon Brigade:
Bourbon, bitches, and bombastic beats. Think Mad Max meets The Great Gatsby meets Spaceballs.

The Devil’s Doorstop:
If you see a bar made out of doors, STOP! Happy Hr at 6pm and Midnight Thurs/Fri/Sat, featuring games, prizes, homebrew, and grilled snacks. On your way out, pass through one of our portals. Three doors with the following themes; grief, love, and hope. You are invited to leave your mark on the doors and use them as a passage to growth.

♫ Helix:
Conveying energy through music, mixed live, bringing quality sound.

Loud Erudite Goblins on Fire (Goblins)
“We must not look at goblin men, We must not buy their fruits: Who knows upon what soil they fed Their hungry thirsty roots?” Would you like to make a deal? Goblins are good at making deals. Among the things we accept as payment are songs, promises, locks of hair, a single tear. Our services are world-infamous. Curses and demi-curses half-off on Saturday. Inebriated fortune telling may happen whether you want it to or not.

Camp U-CAN-LELE: stop by for daily all-levels welcome play-along uke jams with a projector screen, beginner ukulele lessons, and impromptu open mics. Other instruments welcome to join in. We’ll have some beginner ukuleles on hand, but bring your own if you have one! Not sure you want to play the world’s happiest stringed instrument? Stop by anyway for some island-themed games, snacks, and drinks.

Kinky Stardust
Some members of Camp Stardust have traveled to Summerisle to show their chilled out and kinky side! Kinky Stardust will delight, caffeinate and educate the playa with coldbrew coffee tastings and kink demos! While the education will take place during specific times, you can stop by anytime we’re in our camp to hangout by our fire to talk coffee, kink and everything in between! We’re also a great hub of information for new burners!

The Interstellar Speakeasy
Do you believe there’s something out there in the cosmos? Have you ever wanted to meet an alien? What about visiting the giant clouds of alcohol that float in space? Well good news…you can come drink interstellar liquor with aliens in the comfort of your own home planet! Check out our daily happy hour and nerd talks. Don’t leave without taking a picture in space with our mascot, Mark the Alien!

Camp Contact
Camp Contact is a co-creating tribe of dancers, movers, yogis, acroyogis and people committed to authentic relating. We gather and fully engage at various festivals across the East Coast of the US and at the Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada each year. We set up camp with dance floors, a kitchen, and offer classes and workshops while sharing in community for the duration of these festivals. If this vision resonates with you, explore joining us in our quest to teach, learn, explore and enhance transformational interaction. We look forward to continuing the dialogue around co-creating community and offering our collective deepest gifts at these festivals.

♫ B.Y.O. Cult
Join B.Y.O. for our very first official burn! We have open decks for DJs, a perimeter for fire spinners, loud music, laughs, jokes, friends. All are welcome, come and party in the name of Baphomet with us! We’re not villains, we’re just the anti-heroes.

We are Catastrophe! Think of us as your oasis of calm is a sea of chaotic burning bubble, but seriously we come bearing gifts. We offer you stickers, art, chill space to hang in, tarot readings, character portraits, tea and company, yoga, and a healthy dose of snark. The Altar of Barron Saturday will also be on show. Please bring mementos for your lost and fallen.

Crackerjack’s Booty Camp
Bring us your Booty and we will tickle, massage, spank, buff, or maybe just decorate it for you. We like to think we have a little something for every booty. We also have GOLDEN TICKETS for the Booty Pageant. Open every day from after breakfast – before dinner. *Closed during the Booty Pageant*

Camp Firestarter
New venue and name, same crazy bunch of minions. Yes people Camp Firestarter is coming and bringing the bundles of wax coated fiery goodness you have come to know and love (and be addicted to). Can’t say where Ranger Bob will set up the caches, if any, but you can always check at the Camp. Look for the minion people. Once again any stupid candles you wish to be rid of will be accepted by Ranger Bob and the boys to make more firestarters. See you at the Burn. Hugs freely given and being pounced on never hurt either!!!

♫ Camp Cosmic Light
Come one, Come ALL to the magickal Camp Cosmic Light! Once again we bring you Light & Sound with everyones’ favorite night time activity, the GloTent! We hope to see you all on our Cosmic Adventure.

The Orphanage HQ
The hub for the Summerisle Orphanage, where orphans will build their character so that they can get adopted.

Nacho Average Cuddles
The Nachos provide a welcoming space for all things cheesy, cuddly, and joyous. Come eat nachos with us or lounge in our cuddle puddle. Frequent adopters of lost souls and virgins, regardless of where you place your tent, you are all welcome to come be a Nacho with us.

We’re just a chill hang out camp, come by to hit a space bag and our regeneration station! The rest is TBA.

Camp Allidaseuq
Camp Allidaseuq is filled with fun quesos who have recognized that when food and light meet then magic happens. We recognize the need for safe spaces where burners, travelers, and adventurers can rest a while and share a quesadilla, conversation, and rest before continuing on their travels. We’re cheesy, better baked, and bring our playa-proof cuddle puddle that is home to bears, pig races, ramen noodles, gold stars, gemstones, lanterns, and blobs.

The CelticRose Project
The CelticRose has picked up some stowaways!! Join us for some delightful entertainment for almost all ages. Join us for a live-action immersive and participatory art experience. Pirate shenanigans include mugging you with coffee, making you walk the plank, playing pirate games and maybe even some grog. Check the schedule for times for our planned events, or just stop by!

♫ Radiant Medusa
Our purpose is to be here. At times we’ll talking, listening, sharing, creating, wandering around, or just enjoying The Queen Mother in her glory (or nighttime luminance). Other times we’ll be running workshops. We invite you to come, relax and exist with the Queen Mother.

Camp You are Here
Camp You Are Here provides a chill space for connection and contemplation. We offer presence, authentic connection, tea, eye gazing and cuddles with consent. Ask us about rune and tree oracle readings, or angel card readings, energetic first aid, and information about being sensitive / HSP. There will be a Renewal and Release Ceremony on Saturday where you can offer up anything in your life that you want to release to the fire of transformation by writing it on a slip of paper.

Jaggerbush Speakeasy
Welcome Home friends, both acquainted and new
Are you looking for something secret to do? 
If you’re feeling frisky, 
then come drink our whiskey, 
but there are requirements two. 

If you can find us, it doesn’t take much to get in
Speak the right word, it’s easy as sin
While drinking top shelf, Christ wore these himself,
Three dawns later he’s back at it again. 
Those who get in are never forlorn
For which these Jaggers toot their own horns
We take it easy in Pittsburgh
Maybe you’ve heard
In the Jaggerbush, you’re covered in….
Camp nasty is arousing or deserving of one’s loathing and disgust. fortunately, the camp’s nastiness is balanced by some truly good people. And if something breaks, come look for prep.

Camp Heaven
If you’re looking to have a divine experience in your wanderings, swing by Camp Heaven and enjoy a lovely conversation in our heavenly little lounge space. If your timing is just right, you may get offered a cup of green tea made from blooming flowers!

Love loud music and movies, come to I LOVE LAMP! We are a bar and a sound camp! At night we play movies and make food! We bring a big ass screen and a lot of fun! ALL HAIL LAMP !!!

The Imaginarium
Imagination Station – Inspiration, Participation, Exploration, Relaxation, Adaptation!