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Some theme camp organizers submitted their camps before SI2020 was postponed due to Covid.


denotes a sound camp

V  denotes a veteran camp


Librarians Against Humanity V

We’re like the Library of Alexandria, but with less scrolls and more snark! We bring you The Library, with free books (and bookmarks!) for all y’all/yous/yinz to take home with you. YES, you may grab as many books as you wish to keep – we don’t do due dates or limits. Just come and take the fucking books already cause we need the space to pack out our MOOP on Monday! We have Childrens and Teen Lit too! You can also come by and color for a little while too. We provide the supplies, both naughty and nice! We might have other offerings too…who knows? Meow!


Camp )*( Elemental V

We’re harnessing the power of the elements to bring forth All the Ahhh for Summerisle 2020. Enter into the Abode of Elemental Peace (aka Sanctuary South) where the calming resonance of our downtempo lounge and waterfall will bring ultimate relaxation. Our 24-hour body buffing and massage station is open for your pleasure. Thoughtful workshops and guest speakers will titilate your neurons and open reality tunnels hereuntofor unconsidered. Enjoy healthy beverages and smoothies at our flamebar Thursday – Sunday mornings at 11:11:11. Impromptu drumming, yoga sessions, henna application, and hot cupping may manifest. Camp )*( Elemental! Now with 10% more relaxation or triple your money back. We chill harder than you party!


Space Bar

We’re Spacebar! We like to serve drinks and talk about science! We have a telescope to look at stars! We have a spot to chill! We have lots and lots and lots of alcohol…and we love to experiment. Talk space with us, talk skepticism with us, bring your cup, bring your imagination, bring your curiosity, and come chill with us!



We are here help keep you cool! We have dedicated fire safeties, if you have an event that needs some safeties let us know. Also, we will occasionally serve snacks in the afternoon to help you stay cool and happy. Come chill with us. 



The Helix group is about sharing energy, good times, and quality sound. They communicate through the language of music. All are welcome to come and visit.


Low Expectations and Bad Decisions

Low Expectations and Bad Decision returns to SummerIsle. With a new addition, the “Slightly Higher Expectations Lounge” You know the drill by now. Come by for your pickle backs, other adult beverages, and enjoy some tasty snek. 

Also, watch the event schedule for our NOLA jazz brunch. It’s awesome and delicious.





Offering daily ukulele lessons, jams, open mics, and the sweet sounds of the world’s happiest instrument! We have loaners, but please bring your own if you have one. We also accept uke donations, even if broken. Unsure about playing? Come by for games like Stump, island-themed snacks and drinks and maybe even a ukulele serenade.


Nacho Average Cuddles

Nacho Average Cuddles is a safe space for all weirdos, virgins, POC, queers, and nacho lovers!  Come relax in our cuddle puddle, eat nacho with us, and maybe even motorboat for sacred knowledge.


The Mint V ♫

Ever want to get away from the burner rat-race? Well, in a location that can only be described as a cross between The Overlook Hotel and the Hotel California, The Mint exists for the hedonistic pleasure of its guests. Check-in with the concierge at the registration desk, sway gently like a leaf in the breeze to our sonic thrill-masters as they tickle your auditory buds, and delight yourself in a complementary cocktail at our Flaming Bar™️!

Yes, the Mint has it all! Everything a person would want: for those who just wish for a momentary respite from the outside world, to those in a 10-alarm full on sensory hallucination involving those fucking lizards eating Diane Arbus in the backseat of a ’49 DeSoto.


Valhalla V ♫

Welcome to the Gates of Valhalla! Here we have all the mead you can fit in your belly, games to test your skills, and celebrations fit for the gods! Join us for video games, home made mead, great music, our Saturday LARP during the day and movies at night. Come and be witnessed in our great hall!


Father Karnak’s House of Soul Reaping and Foot Massages

We know just what your soul needs and are ready to touch you deep inside

Come enjoy flagellation, repentance, and our savory secret sauce

Harlots and sinners rejoice!

Serving up Dead Stars and deer attractant 24 hrs a day for your soul-saving good fortune, all in the name of the white van

Come, my child, don’t be afraid of our love