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 denotes a sound camp

V  denotes a veteran camp

Banned Camp ♫
We’re getting the Banned back together.

The Being Lounge
What do you get when you cross a speakeasy type of lounge with the healing arts like reiki and massage and other creative expressions such as music, ecstatic dance and body poetry? Enter…The Being Lounge! This is the place where Humans Come to BE! Come join us and share your gift of BEING as together we uplift the frequency of unity consciousness across the planet.

Bourbon Brigade [V] ♫
Bourbon, bitches, and bombastic beats. Think Mad Max meets The Great Gatsby meets Spaceballs. While bootlegging bourbon across the galaxy, we fell into a wormhole that brought us here. Crash landed in a strange land and did what we do best: play games, mix tunes, and of course drink bourbon.

Camp Allidaseuq [V]
Camp Allidaseuq is the living room on playa. We call ourselves Quesos because we’re cheesy. We bring our durable and cozy cuddle puddle along with a fire-pit and camp kitchen. Swing by to rest a while or grab some soup or jambalaya if the pot is bubbling.

Camp Elemental [V]
We’re harnessing the power of the elements to bring forth All the Ahhh for Summerisle 2022. Enter into the Abode of Elemental Peace (aka Sanctuary South) where the calming resonance of our downtempo lounge and waterfall will bring ultimate relaxation. Our 24-hour body buffing and massage station is open for your pleasure. Thoughtful workshops and guest speakers will titillate your neurons and open reality tunnels hereuntofor unconsidered. Enjoy healthy beverages and smoothies at our flamebar Friday– Saturday mornings at 11:11:11. Impromptu drumming, yoga sessions, henna application, and hot cupping may manifest. Camp )*( Elemental! Now with 10% more relaxation or triple your money back. We chill harder than you party!

Camp Firestarter [V]
Welcome Home !!! Ranger Bob and the minions are excited to return to Summerisle with the burnable goodies you all have come to love to burn. Forget your current methods of starting a fire and use one of our little bundles of ignitable goodness and be declared a genius by your camp mates. Look for the minion at our campsite and take what you need. If you see Ranger Bob ask him for one as he always carries them with him to hand out as gifts. Welcome Home !!!

Camp Get It Together
We really want to get it together but can’t. Someone please HELP! Come by and enjoy our chill space, self affirmations, messages of love, motivation, and togetherness. Spend some time in front of the projector of the future. Other surprises await, IF we can get it together! 

Camp Stardust [V]
Stardust is a friends camp and social experiment in family-team. Stop by anytime for Coffee or Tea.

Camp Under
Our camp specializes in G-rated activities for the young and the young-at-heart. Drop in for crafts, games, and coloring as long as the lights are on and the supplies last.

Camp You Are Here [V]
Camp You Are Here provides a chill space for art, connection and contemplation. Please see the schedule for our Tiny Art Social hours.

Catastrophe! [V]
Catastrophe! Temple Support Camp, periodic cocktails, yoga, art and sarcasm.

Cenosilicaphobia [V]
We are a burner camp dedicated to the fine art of the homebrew, and to finding the best damn company to share it with. Do you, too, suffer from cenosilicaphobia (fear of an empty glass)? Bring your lonely mug by, and we’ll put your fears to rest. We’re serving up beers, meads and non-alcoholic cold tea and seltzers, all brewed by camp members, and putting on some pretty rad happy hours. We guarantee we’ve got something for everybody, and if you prefer not to imbibe, scope out our exceptional drum workshops, blues dancing, fire spinning and more!

Cookie Coven
Hailing from Baltimore, Cookie Coven is bringing Spiritual Alchemy to Summerisle! You might catch us singing around the fire, eating snacks, and introducing our Wishing Tree to spread good intentions and positive vibes through the burn weekend and beyond. Expect to experience the dulcet vibrations of ukulele and hazy alto intermingled with aromas of healing ~herbs~ and spices. Enter our camp to be bathed in communal laughter and light, to have mysteries of your life untangled in a tarot spread, to partake in a bit of fumari mixto, to intentionally engage with the present people and surroundings in ways that delight and spark curiosity.
Fire. Water. Earth. Air. These are the elements we bring to the table. We look forward to welcoming your Spirit. 

Cosmic Seed Pod
Come travel the astral planes and plant seeds into new dimensions at our Cosmic Seed Pod Camp. We welcome your unique imprint and want to see you and your fantastically expressive being! We offer healing sound baths, guided movement meditations, soulful arts & crafts projects, and spontaneous explorations of our wild and wonderful selves. Pop by our portal to make a wish on a seed & other goodies. Let’s feel the love, know it deeply and share it freely… xoxo

Crescent Rollz [V]
We’re a dedicated group of flow artists who are eager to share our love of flow arts with others. Whether it’s your first time picking up poi or you’re a master dragon staffer, this is the place to be for all things flow! We’re happy to teach and share our knowledge as well as learn from others.

The Deadly Moppets [V]
The Lounge is a traveling oasis designed as a place to chill, share and build community and art. In the lounge, participants can enjoy the fragrant and exotic flavorful tobacco-filled hookahs and meet a new friend.

The Devil’s Doorstop [V]
Come try your luck on the wheel of misfortune, fill your cup and stay awhile.
Our impish ways and joyful bards are sure to make you squeal and smile.
The Devil’s Door is open wide and keen for you to come –
so don your horns, your tail and fangs, and shake your devilish bum.
We’ll party til the morning light before we fasten the lock.
So come on dahn to the Devil’s Door, all you have to do is knock!

Dirt Go Brrrr
We are Dirt Go Brrrr, a group of up and coming individuals who are ready to have a good time! Our camp will feature a bar, so come ready to get your drink on! At night, the camp comes alive as a neon blacklight wonderland! We will also kick off the burn with a spectacular ribbon-cutting ceremony, don’t miss it! Be there or be square!

Easy Bake Coven [V]
Easy Bake Coven? Oh, yeah. I met them before…
They’re an eccentric clan who delight in the macabre. If you are too quick to judge, you may find them bizarre or frightening. I assure you that they are but bashful, friendly little fiends who can’t wait to make you part of The Coven. They find beauty in the messy, dark and strange. I dare you to go rest for a while in the coffin these weirdos dug up. Maybe you’re the morbid type who would love to join in on their ‘Death Café For Cuties’, you will muse about, you guessed it, all things DEATH. If you wander in on Friday night for the Cauldron Mixer, you may see things that seem… supernatural. Rest assured, if they offer you a treat, it’s Hansel-and-Gretel-friendly. If they pour you a drink, it is a sober one. They have witches, *not* spirits, silly. Speaking of witches… come hither for a round of Cackle Calisthenics on Saturday evening, where they laugh and LaUgH and LAUGH AND LAFFFFFFFF AND HAAAAA HAAAAA HEEE HEE HEE HOOOooOOOO TAHAHAHEHAHEHAHEHAHEHAAHHHHHHHHH!#%$HSsss^H*#A^*(!#?+!OOF.

Let’s get weird, Sister. 

Esmeralda the Vardo
Esmeralda the Vardo is tiny but fierce! Hosting Esmeralda’s Rack: a costume gifting way station! We will be open during daylight hours to dress your fine asses in the best second hand costuming this side of the cosmos. Please take what you love ❤️

Excess Materials’ Euphorium Emporium
Excess Materials’ Euphorium Emporium has all the materials you don’t need. We have free genders, a catwalk, drag performance, and a big ol pile of materials. Bring your costumes, bring your bodies, bring your confusion. This is a great place to explore your alter egos and show up in unexpected ways. This is also a great place to bring bags of costumes to share.

Flat Mars Society [V] ♫
Science has proven that the Earth is round, but what about our red celestial neighbor Mars? It looks pretty flat to us. Come by the camp and tell us why we are wrong over a beer (or root beer). Several beers will be on tap. Projector playing movies, tv shows and music from 8PM-4AM every night. We will also be hosting the first annual Pseudo Science Soiree where we will be discussing other conspiracy theories the government definitely doesn’t want you to know! This is a tie (not coat) event. Ties can be provided but show us your wackiest ties!

The Gayliens [V]
Do you believe there’s something out there in the cosmos? Have you ever wanted to meet an alien? What about visiting the giant clouds of alcohol that float in space? Good news…you can come drink interstellar liquor with aliens in the comfort of your own home planet! Check out our daily happy hour and nerd talks. Don’t leave without taking a picture in space with our mascot, Mark the Alien!

Ghost [V]
The ghost is something
An invisible presence
Hidden in plain sight

Located within the devil’s doors, we open our Ghost Kitchen to our neighbors at night. Join us when the lights are on and the night is young, we will be offering fresh and delicious meals to share. We may also be offering hot tea and Lo-Fi beats as needed.

The Green Machine
Art car, full of Chananagains. Lights, Sound, and visual art. With a movie theater. Stop by to say hi. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. We got you. 

Helix [V]
The Helix group enjoys sharing kinetic energy by mixing geometric patterns of pressure waves.

I LOVE LAMP – ALL HAIL LAMP, COME DO SHOTS. I LOVE LAMP is a MUSIC camp along with movies, food, and conversation. GET FED, GET WATERED, GET DOWN TO MUSIC all at I LOVE LAMP, come for the BEATS stay for the LOVE!

Jaggerbush Speakeasy [V]
Welcome Home friends, lovers, and foes
to the Isle of Summer, where anything goes
And tucked away, the curious may find
A quiet respite, to relax and imbibe.

Though no map will guide you or show you the way,
You won’t need to search, just know what to say.
In hard to reach places where jaggers ensnare
One sip of our tinctures will your bottom bare.

Time is an illusion, but pandemics are real.
How long has it been since we could all feel
The flicker of heat from the man who is flammable?
I think I could turn and live with the animals.

Many thanks to the people for the fruits of their labor-
This juicy snack we all love to savor.
Teachers and sinners, don’t go to the chapel
Just bring me one big, ripe, red ______.

Juline Sound System ♫
Simple Fire Flow + Music Jam setup. Bring electric instruments and/or fire props!

Librarians Against Humanity [V]
We’re like the Library of Alexandria, but with less scrolls and more snark! We bring you The Library, with plenty of books for y’all/yous/yinz to take home with you. YES, you may take and keep as many books as you wish – no due dates, no limits! We also have Childrens and Teen Lit for your littles, your mediums, and your little mediums. We will have bookmarks and other offerings too…because Librarians are always quietly scheming. But seriously, just take the fucking books already ‘cause people keep giving them to us and we need space to pack out our MOOP on Monday! Meow!

Life Support
For the thirsty burner who is running on empty you can stop in for a Camp Life Support (CLS) pouch (alcoholic beverage) in your own little IV bag. There is a chair for you to relax, chill, and take a breath. Also look for the Mobile Life Support Gnome (MLS). Small electronics life support (ELS) will also be available in the form of a battery charging station. Some cables are available but the smart choice is to bring one with you. Charging is while you wait and chill – you can’t leave it behind or it might get turned into “art” for next year 😮

Loud Erudite Goblins on Fire [V]
We must not look at goblin men; we must not buy their fruits: Who knows upon what soil they fed their hungry thirsty roots?
Would you like to make a deal? Goblins are good at making deals. Among the things we accept as payment are songs, promises, locks of hair—you name it. Our services are world-infamous. Curses and demi-curses half-off on Saturday. Inebriated fortune telling may happen whether you want it to or not.

Low Expectations and Bad Decisions [V]
A camp brimming with nuggets of golden life lessons, mistakes, and pickle backs. Come share your stories of near escapes, regrets, poor choices, unexpected victories, and small wins! We offer tasty snakes and yummy pickle back whiskey shots at the bar and a jazz brunch on Saturday.

Matriarchal Goddess Training Camp
Welcome to the Matriarchy! We are a group of goddae who look forward to teaching you our ways. As always, consent is mandatory.

MicroBalls – The Experience

The Midnight Streak
Lose your clothes! Gain your freedom! Join the midnight streak. Long a popular Friday night institution, The Midnight Streak has developed into a theme camp. Those who camp with us do not need to go far to join in the stretching at 11:45 Friday night. We welcome naturists and joggers and jogging naturists to drop by any time. Spontaneous streaks may happen. However, we vehemently and profoundly deny any affiliation with anybody that may launch a streak at high noon Sunday calling it “The Midnight Streak Flashback.” That ain’t us, baby.

The Mint [V] ♫
Ever want to get away from the burner rat-race? Well, in a location that can only be described as a cross between The Overlook Hotel and the Hotel California, the Mint exists for the hedonistic pleasure of its guests. Come for the thrill, dance to the rhythm, delight yourself with visual & auditory stimulation! Stop by and have a cocktail from the NEW and IMPROVED Mint Flaming Bar™️!

Mystery Camp 22

Nacho Average Cuddles [V]
A wacky collective of giggling consent-minded burners who aim to create a safe space for queers, BIPOC, immigrants, shy folks, nerds, kinksters, witches, harm reductionists, polyamorists, bad bitches, wine and women and wonderful vices, and all manner of weirdos. Come enjoy our cuddle puddle to enjoy safe, authentic connection with others. Come test the gigglewatt capacity of our EZ ups. Come eat Nachos and talk about how we can make this community safe and consent focused. Come perform for the Nacho Average Hype Squad. Come and get cheesy & spicy. We welcome you!

Over Easy (Not Open for Breakfast*!**)
When two absent camps collide — we present Over Easy (Not Open for Breakfast**!*)! We ritually scream, we sing badly, we make amazing Bloody Marys, and help you make better bad decisions!

Pengu [V]
Pengu is here to help keep you cool! We have dedicated fire safeties, if you have an event that needs some safeties let us know. Want to learn to fire safety? We will teach you, stop by or come to a scheduled training. Our goal at Pengu is to help you.

Pirate Bay – A CelticRose Project [V]
The crew of the Celtic Rose invites you to join us in Pirate Bay. Your friendly neighborhood pirates will entertain you with song and share our grog with worthy travelers. Join us for piratical activities, pirate themed games and who knows what else!

The Pyramid People [V]
We camp under a giant purple pyramid and we play games with colorful little pyramids. Pyramids are cool. Visit our chill space to experience Andy TV, an amazing six-screen video art project!

Queso FUNdido
We will be doing a queso ritual and serving queso starting Friday to Sunday.

Radiant Medusa [V]
Our purpose is to be here. At times we’ll be talking, listening, sharing, creating, wandering around, or just enjoying The Queen Mother in her glory (or nighttime luminance). Overall a chill experience and break from the bustle of our city in the woods. We invite you to come, relax and exist with the Queen Mother.

Shark Week [V]
Shark Week is back!! Water, drinks and snacks will be provided by yours truly! Come hang with us to celebrate our 10 year anniversary! We will have snacks set out on the table during certain times throughout the weekend. Also trash bags will be provided for snack MOOP.

Strange Family ♫
From the FaMiLy you never knew you had, a group of STrAnGe people gather to share intentional curated sound journeys. Our sound camp will be an open space for bands and DJs, along with the host band, Strange Attractor, from Baltimore. Strange people from all lands, sizes, and species, come meet your soul family and listen to the love that will be pouring out of our speakers. At night, the stars will come to dance at our fire circle. 

Tiki Lite
Introducing Tiki Lite! Come one, come all to chill in our lounge and sit by our fire. We will be a gathering place to tell stories and to share a tasty beverage. If you need protection from the sun or from the rain or just a place to rest your weary bones, we’re the place for you!

The Wax Poets
If wax-play is your thing then hang out with us drips! We’ll be waxing designs onto T-shirts and showing you how this ‘batik’ thang is done. Make-n-take your “I Arted” masterpiece. We’ll post workshop hours, plus any time you see us at it you can join in. 

The Wizards [V] ♫