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 denotes a sound camp

V  denotes a veteran camp

Bourbon Brigade [V] ♫ Bourbon Brigade returns with your favorite intergalactic space pirates. We’re still stuck on earth but we have plenty of bourbon and we’ve made some improvements to our ship. Come play some games in the daytime and bask in the mad max junk pile that we’ve created and watch as the sun sets and it turns into a space ship piloted by some of the best soundsmiths your burn has to offer. We’ve got music, games and most importantly Bourbon. Let’s get shiny and Chrome!

Camp Debauchery [V] Camp Debauchery makes Pancakes and Bacon

Camp Elemental Presents: CAMP GAINS 💪 [V] Do you like protein? We know you like protein. We like protein too. YEAH BAAABY! 🏋️‍♂️ Are you the type of person to go all the waaaay dowwwwn in the bucket on that squat? 🍑 Does the sound of metal plates clanking together get your heart all a-flutter? Is watching someone scoop pre-workout directly into their mouth a turn on? Well here at CAMP GAINS, we’re all about that pump, and then some! Join us at the CAMP GAINS OLYMPICS where whoever comes in middle place is the true winner! Come get refreshed at our fresh juice bar on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning as supplies last! Participate in our wellness workshops, form coaching, calisthenics, and amazing feats of strength and dexterity! If you’re lucky, maybe get oiled up for a pose down too. CAMP GAINS: Life has its ups and downs, we call them squats.

Camp Firestarter [V] Camp Firestarter returns once more to help you burners that can’t rub two sticks together. Look for the minion and you will find a bucket full of our specially made bundles of ignition magic. There should also be another bucket for donations of butt ugly candles. The minions will melt them down to help build new starters. A great way to get rid of stuff and gift our small but useful camp. Ranger Bob will be at the Burn and always carries a few with him in case you are too embarrassed to take some in public. We understand, not being able to light a fire is such a display of lack of Burning skills. We’ll keep it ‘our’ secret. (until the minions find the bullhorn)

Camp Jellyfish Camp Jellyfish is a chill space to hang out while we encourage you to participate in our random shenanigans and fuckery.

Camp Sensuality Camp Sensuality
Enjoy the pleasure of a massage (Friday June 16 at 1 pm) or decorative rope demos throughout the weekend as requested. Relax in our cuddle space any time. This is a sex-positive camp with an area enclosed by tarps for adult privacy. All consent rules apply.”

Camp Stardust [V] Camp Stardust is a friends camp and social experiment in family-team. Stop by anytime for coffee or tea.

Camp U-CAN-LE-LE [V] Offering daily ukulele lessons, jams, open mics, and the sweet sounds of the world’s happiest instrument! We have loaners, but please bring your own if you have one. We also accept uke donations, even if broken. Unsure about playing? Come by for games, island-themed snacks and drinks and maybe even a ukulele serenade.

Camp Under [V] We fly under the radar while proffering up chill activities, coffee, (hot and cold) tea, hot chocolate, cider, and a nosh. Lingering in our camp is encouraged.

Camp You Are Here [V] Camp You Are Here provides a chill space for connection, conversation and contemplation.

Castle Dirtbag Step into the royal realm of Dirtlandia, where all magical creatures are welcome. Castle Dirtbag sits upon the most fertile dirt farms in all the lands. Our dirt is plentiful, we have dirt to share with you! In the interest of spreading mirth and providing entertainment, a jousting tournament shall be held! Test your mettle, or just join us for the wine and merriment. Be careful not to get locked in our cuddle dungeon… or do get locked there… you know, if you want.

Catastrophe! [V] Catastrophe! The usual collection of friends up to our usual shenanigans but with less art this year. Come by for a visit, a snack and a beverage.

Censilicaphobia [V] We are a burner camp dedicated to the fine art of the homebrew, and to finding the best damn company to share it with. Do you, too, suffer from cenosilicaphobia (fear of an empty glass)? Bring your lonely mug by, and we’ll put your fears to rest. We’re serving up beers, meads and non-alcoholic cold tea and seltzers, all brewed by camp members, and putting on some pretty rad happy hours. We guarantee we’ve got something for everybody, and if you prefer not to imbibe, scope out our exceptional drum workshops, blues dancing, fire spinning and more!

CHIM High Concept / Low Expectations.

Cosmic Seed Pod [V] Come travel the astral planes and plant seeds into new dimensions at our Cosmic Seed Pod Camp. We welcome your unique imprint and want to see you and your fantastically expressive being! We offer healing sound baths, soulful arts & crafts projects of macrame, oils, leatherwork, and spontaneous explorations of our wild and wonderful selves. This is where you make your leather-stamped SUMMERISLE 2023 necklace, keychain, bracelet or windchime! Pop by our portal and join us! Let’s feel the love, know it deeply and share it freely… xoxo

Dirt Go Brrr [V] ♫ Hey there, Summerilse fam! Make sure to check out Dirt Go Brrrr during your Playa travels this year! As always, we will be bringing all the love, silliness, and neighborhood cheer. Join us for daily happy hours featuring Roland’s Famous Cheeseburger Dip and get ready to dance your fanny off to some amazing beats brought to you by our favorite DJ – Sasha!. Also if you feel so inclined, come get weird with us at our late night bug orgy. Lastly, we will be bringing something new to our table of weird whacky fun this year – mannequin assembly class! We got something for everyone, and we so look forward to burning with you as you try to figure out just what the heck our camp name means 🙂 Happy Burn ya’ll! Much love from your favorite friendly neighborhood weirdos, Dirt Go BRRRR

Dragon Reflections [V] Intrepid adventurers, come one, come all! Glean new insight in your lives, and have your fortunes read and told at Dragon Reflections! Our practiced and accomplished fortune-tellers masterfully read the Tarot– and it helps that we’re all dragons! Our mission is to aid cosmic explorers and draconic kin alike in their reflections as they navigate the twists and turns of their quests for meaning and understanding. Not into fortune-telling? That’s just fine– we dragons also take offerings of treasure to add to our hoard, and bring with us a comfy lounge to hold all of it in! Laze about in our languorous lounge, enjoy the ambiance, and who knows, maybe you’ll find out there’s a little dragon in you, too.

Easy Bake Coven [V] Enter all who seek to enjoy a bit of ominous dread

F’ART CAMP ♫ F’ART CAMP – it’s fucking art! Press things! Yell stuff! Make sounds! Get paint on your clothes. Jam while your friends make art. Make art while your friends jam. Stink up our tent. Give us your smells, the stinkier the better.

Flaketown Flaketown, the group of folks that have a habit of failing to follow up on their plans. Plan on catching us making grilled cheese and pancakes!… Or don’t, in the spirit of flaking.

Flame-buoyant! Flame-buoyant is an LGBTQIA+ friendly space for playing with all things fire. Join us for spinning, breathing, and getting up-close with fire. Offering flames and mocktails in many shapes and colors!

Flat Mars Society [V] ♫ Science has proven that the earth is round, but what about our red celestial neighbor Mars? It looks pretty flat to us. Come by the camp and tell us why we are wrong over a beer (or root beer). Several beers will be on tap and we will be running the projector from 9pm to 2am showing movies, TV shows and music. We will also be hosting our first annual ABC party! Please come dressed in anything that isn’t clothes (or do. Whatever’s clever).

Just Like Peanut Butter and Jelly Just Like Peanut Butter and Jelly – Take a step back into your childhood and enjoy a family favorite with a modern day twist. A sunflower butter and jelly or fluff sandwich. Serving at 1 pm every day until supplies run out. NOTE: no nuts or peanut butter served

Kinkytown Off the Ground We are your kinky camp counselors focusing on exploring kink, making queer spaces, and building a consent minded community. We are a band of aerialists, circus performers, and curious weirdos who encourage curiosity and movement. Come learn some new circus skills, or ask your burning kink questions.

Librarians Against Humanity [V] “”I really didn’t realize the Librarians were, you know, such a dangerous group. They are subversive. You think they’re just sitting there at the desk, all quiet and everything. They’re like plotting the revolution, man. I wouldn’t mess with them.”” – M.M. Bring books. Take books. Share books. Keep books. Read the fucking books. ALL THE FUCKING BOOKS. We bring the books as a gift suitable for all ages kiddo to elder. Just please take n’ keep as many books as you’d like because gas is expensive and so is authoritarianism and ignorance.

Loud Erudite Goblins on Fire [V] “We must not look at goblin men; we must not buy their fruits: Who knows upon what soil they fed their hungry thirsty roots?” Would you like to make a deal? Goblins are good at making deals. Among the things we accept as payment are songs, promises, locks of hair—you name it. Our services are world-infamous. Curses and demi-curses half-off on Saturday. Inebriated fortune telling may happen whether you want it to or not. Maybe you want to eat instead? The Goblins will feed you; we’re happy to share our meat (we even have Vegan varieties) and especially our infamous Ruffalo Wings.

Low Expectations and Bad Decisions [V] A camp brimming with nuggets of golden life lessons, mistakes, and pickle backs. Come share your stories of near escapes, regrets, poor choices, unexpected victories, and small wins! We offer tasty snakes and yummy pickle back whiskey shots at the bar and a jazz brunch on Saturday.

Mad Tea Party [V] Have you followed the White Rabbit? Are you lost? Too big? Too small? Do you even know who you are? Or why you are here? Maybe you simply need a place of respite or a moment to sit by the fire before you move on. Perhaps a lovely cup of tea will hit the spot. Whatever your reasons, whatever the hour and whatever your curiosities, you’ll always be welcome at the Mad Tea Party. Morning, noon and night.

Matriarchal Goddess Training Camp [V] The Matriarchy is an all-inclusive safe space for healing. We flip the script on the Patriarchy; a group of Goddae who channel Divine Feminine Energy. We offer workshops, meditations, a fully functioning mailbox, a menstruation station and snack breaks.

Micro Balls, we’re big where it counts. [V] Balls Camp – where balls gowns are encouraged, balls will be played with and/or dodged, there will be balls to disco around, basically ALL.THE.BALLS. Come hang with us and have a ball! Principles will be upheld at BALLS CAMP. We chill harder than you party.

Misfit Saloon Welcome to Misfit Saloon! Inspired by Tombstone, Westworld, and Red Dead Redemption, join us for a relaxing trip into nostalgia, with poker tables, music, double entendres, and more! Keep an eye out for our local hoodlums!

Nacho Average Gayliens [V] Welcome to the Gayborhood! Nacho Average Cuddles and The Gayliens have teamed up to help create a safe space for queers, PoC, immigrants, shy folks, nerds, kinksters, witches, harm reductionists, bad bitches, polyamorists, and wine, women, and wonderful vices, and all manner of weirdos. Come enjoy our non-sexual cuddle puddle to enjoy safe, authentic connection with others. Come test the gigglewatt capacity of our EZ ups. Come talk about how we can make this community safer and more consent focused. Come perform for the Nacho Average Hype Squad. Come participate in nerd outs. Come and get cheesy and spicy. We welcome you!

Nice Fun Bags Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of single use plastic shopping bags that have taken residence at your home? Have you tried to contain these bags from ruining your life and the earth by using a bag to hold all of your bags? Are you sick and tired of having these bags but are afraid to throw them out, because they are just awful for the environment. Well then come on down to NICE FUN BAGS where we will show you a way to make a single use bag into some nice fun bags (or other things). We will also be accepting donations of your non-soiled single use plastic shopping bags. Damaged bags are fine, but please refrain from donating your takeout stained plastic bags.

Over Easy: Not Open for Breakfast**!* [V] When two camps that are not present collide — we present Over Easy (Not Open for Breakfast**!*)! We ritually scream, we sing badly, we make amazing Bloody Marys, and help you make better bad decisions! We also have a HELLMINGO!

Pengu [V] Pengu is here to help keep you cool! We have dedicated fire safeties, if you have an event that needs some safeties let us know. Want to learn to fire safety? We will teach you, stop by or come to a scheduled training. Our goal at Pengu is to help you.

Protest Camp in this aira “of” inaction there is only one validations of our needs in the place of our disarray. When one fugitives ; the plethora of onions is, how you might say : transparent. the 13th pricipal is astronomical when, targeted “by” forces of unrest, utilized, and concise we will not sit ; nor will be stand, lean, vacate, loiter, or trasspass while the forces of unorthodoxy threaten the orthopedists of their union now you ask, what sort of mouse stands on two feet? MICKEY MOUSE. However this logic is flawed when it comes to ducks – because ducks only have two feet.

Pyramid People [V] We are the people who really like pyramids. We camp under a giant purple pyramid, and we play tabletop games with colorful little pyramids. We’ve even been known to give away pyramid necklaces. Pyramids are cool. Besides pyramids, our chill space features Andy TV, an amazing 6-screen video art project. But sometimes, even that is about pyramids. Because pyramids.

R Cubed An area to Rest, Recharge, and Relax. Chairs around the fire, generator to charge any personal electronic devices and high possibly of good food and better drink.

Radiant Medusa [V] Our purpose is to be here. At times we’ll talking, listening, sharing, creating, wandering around, or just enjoying The Coral Reef in all its glory (or nighttime luminance). Overall a chill experience and break from the bustle of our city in the woods. We invite you to come, relax and exist with the Queen Mother.

Shark Week Hello beautiful people! Shark Week is here again to help you out with your midnight snacks! We will have a snack table at the front of our camp open for everyone to enjoy. On Saturday around 2:30PM we will provide meats, cheeses etc. for our Shark Coochie hour. Vegetarian options will be available. Come hang, stop by and have a bite!

Singed Nipple Welcome to the Singed Nipple (and yes, there is a story behind it). We offer generous libations as well as a host of other pub-like amenities. If you need it, you can probably find it here.

Sound Therapy ♫ Bring them in…Play their sounds…Make them sweat…Quench the Thirsty!! Serving up a vast spectrum of dynamic sounds, bound to put bodies in motion. Drained from the dance? Stop by the Hydration Station and we’ll refresh your vessel with a flavor infused tonic. Bring your own beats but no place to play? We got slots! Offering daily sign-up for open decks for ANY GENRE…1st come thirst serve!

The Alphabet Cookout The Alphabet Cookout is a camp that is by and for BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ folx and our accomplices and allies. From potlucks to games to dance parties to singalongs, we seek to build intersectional community by individually and collectively working and playing hard together.

The Devil’s Doorstop [V] ♫ Come try your luck on the wheel of misfortune, fill your cup and stay awhile. Our impish ways and joyful bards are sure to make you squeal and smile. The Devil’s Door is open wide and keen for you to come – so don your horns, your tail and fangs, and shake your devilish bum. We’ll fill you up with food and drink to your hearts desire If the sign reads open on our visage you’re welcome round our fire With games to play and deals to strike were eager to invite you in The party never ceases when the party’s full of sin. We’ll dance until the morning light before we fasten the lock. So come on dahn to the Devil’s Door, all you have to do is knock!

The Mint [V] ♫ Ever want to get away from the burner rat-race? Well, in a location that can only be described as a cross between The Overlook Hotel and the Hotel California, the Mint exists for the hedonistic pleasure of its guests. Come for the thrill, dance to the rhythm, delight yourself with visual & auditory stimulation! Stop by and have a cocktail from The Mint Flaming Bar™️!

The Parent Hood aka Kids Kamp Burner babies rule the roost here. A great group of experienced burner parents camping together for comradery and to allow for our young burners to have others their age to explore with. Please stop by with littles or not.

The Pennsylvania Dutch Coven The purpose of the Pennsylvania Dutch Coven is to honor nature through playful expression.

The Wizards [V] ♫ The Wizards….you should know us by now and what delightful magic you’ll be receiving….if you consent.

White Dragon Noodle Bar [V] A nood life awaits you in the off-world colonies! White Dragon Noodle Bar has been serving hot, salty, vegan ramen made by hot, salty noodlebarbarians for almost 20 years and our overlords at the Tyrell Corporation have authorized official operations at Summerisle this year. Keep your appointment for hot noods. (Gluten free noods available on request)

Wine Man Wine Man & Co.- Fresh fruit wines and other tasty treats.