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Read about the different types of tickets and full ticketing schedule for 2024 prices @ https://summerisleburn.com/2024/02/11/changes-for-summerisle-2024/


Don’t forget to grab your parking pass, bags of ice, and to sign your waiver!


Sign your online waiver here! —> https://forms.gle/T5DM2w3sFEigvbLB7 


Click on the image of the tickets below for tickets so you can get ticketed and be a ticketee at a ticketed event. Ticket. (Ticket)

Let’s do The Thing! Summerisle 2024!

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25 discounted BIPOC Sunshine tickets for BIPOC burners will be available for 2024.

**UPDATE: These tickets have been given away, but we are maintaining a waitlist from those who apply at the form below.

Apply here! —> https://forms.gle/bWh6hQFogcPspSYs7


25 discounted tickets for those experiencing financial hardship will be prioritized to new applications, but all are welcome to apply.

**UPDATE: These tickets have been given away, but we are maintaining a waitlist from those who apply at the form below.

Apply here! —> https://forms.gle/Q6PY6SYbMCdVkmCVA

 7lb bags will be available for purchase at gate on a first come, first served basis at $5.00/bag.
Unfortunately, no change will be available, but exact cash, Visa/MC will be accepted.



Our ticketing is handled by Humanitix, a ticketing platform that uses 100% of its booking fees to create greater social impact by funding education and healthcare projects for children around the world. More info can be found here.

There is no need to set up an account – everything is handled through direct emails to you post-purchase. You will also buy your parking pass and your ice along with your tickets. Initial questions can be handled through the Buyer Support page at humanitix.com or. You can also visit their FAQ section for questions you might have regarding your ticket purchase.

***NEW: We will have required Parking Passes available for purchase for $10.00 this year. 
Please do NOT include RVs in those Parking passes. RV passes are in limited availability and awarded via a form located on our website. Please DO include any vehicles parked in long-term parking for the weekend.

Burn tickets will not be available at Gate. No day passes will be available.

At the gate, your ticket should be in either your own legal name, or you must be WITH the person whose name is on your ticket. You must also have a matching, valid, government-issued ID for anyone over the age of 15, to be presented at Gate for entry. All participants must also sign a waiver of liability to enter the event. You may not enter the event to set up before checking in at the Gate, getting checked in, and signing the liability waiver. No exceptions.

Children who are 12 years old and younger get in for free, but a ticket must still be “purchased” through Humanitix along with their adult’s ticket. No ticket, no entry.

Please consider pre-purchasing your ice ahead of time – we strongly suggest it. Very limited ice may be available at Gate depending on your time of entry. No change for cash will be available at Gate. Exact change only please. Cash, credit, and debit will be accepted for ice only as supplies last.

All online ticket purchases, ice purchases, parking passes, and ticket transfers must be completed by noon on June 1, 2024.




Need to transfer a ticket/multiple tickets/ice/parking pass/etc. between an Original Ticket Buyer and a New Ticket Buyer? Well, here’s the instructions to do so…and the tiny print.

When anyone buys a ticket to Summerisle, they receive an email with a link at the bottom of it to go back to their original order (see green square in Photo #1 below for how it looks). For any and all ticket/ice/parking pass transfers: the Original Ticket Buyer needs to go back to the order and edit all tickets to be reassigned to whatever full legal name the New Ticket Buyer gives to them (see Photo #2 and #3 below for how this looks across different tickets).

The Catch: The tickets and ice WILL still be in Original Ticket Buyer’s “possession” even after name reassignment (meaning Original Ticket Buyer email will be the order’s email and they will always be able to return to and view/edit the names on all tickets, even after this reassignment). The only information that cannot be edited in the original ticket order is the Original Ticket Buyer’s email. If these transfers are between trusted friends and family, this shouldn’t be an issue.

But what about ~*Transfers between Strangers~*?
For those random folks on our FB group who offer to buy your ticket when you realize you can’t use it? And you don’t have that level of trust to let the person to just edit the name and leave it at that? That’s when you ask Summerisle for help – we have to handle it on the back-end to make it a full transfer. We can officially fully transfer tickets between people who do not know each other. However, please only arrange for this only if you do not know the other person. All Summerisle tickets are will-call at the Gate, so as long as the right name is assigned to the tickets/ice/etc. in the order and stays that way, you’re good to go! But we understand being wary of buying tickets from strangers. Please note that we cannot facilitate this type of transaction once Summerisle has started. It must be handled by 6/1/24!

For handling the full transfer of ticket ownership (read: Transfers between Strangers), please email us directly at summerisleburn@gmail.com and we will help process your request directly.


Photo #1


Photo #2


Photo #3


If you have further questions or concerns about tickets, please email us at summerisleburn@gmail.com.