Virtualisle Code of Conduct


As a 10 Principles+ event, Virtualisle expects all participants to abide by normal burn standards.  


While we respect and expect radical self-expression, we will not tolerate acidic speech, actions, or art.  This includes hate speech, hard trolling, sexual harassment, bigotry, room bombing, discrimination, non-consensual behavior, and adult content streamed to all-ages rooms.


We seek to create a space where participants feel comfortable sharing themselves and their art in whatever form it may take.  Non-consensual screenshots or video are prohibited.  Social media postings of nonconsensual images or video will be immediately deleted and the poster warned.


As a de-commodified event, all participants at every level of Virtualisle are not compensated monetarily for their efforts and no return is expected.  We all do this for the love of art, gifting, and community.  No tip jar links, selling, or marketing of any kind are permitted.


We seek to create a diverse community tolerant of differences in ideas, opinion, character, expression, and existence.  We welcome the stranger.


We strive to be civically responsible.  Events of an adult nature will be marked as 18+ by the host during event submission.  Please read your streaming service’s terms concerning adult content. You are responsible for your own content.


We want to provide a framework where a diversity of software is available for use and we’re not limiting events to any one in particular. Select a video conferencing package of your choice that works best for your event.  We prefer Zoom, Jitsi, Twitch, Google Meet, YouTube, and Cisco WebEx. Some services will be optimal for interactivity, some for a more broadcast-oriented event. Review each service’s terms as some content may be blocked or muted if it violates that service’s standards.


Our only expectation is your full participation, so engage and enjoy!