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Volunteer signups are live!  –>  https://signup.com/go/empbcEZ

Some shifts might still be added soon, but it’s ready to roll basically!


Our community considers volunteering to be a gift to the community and an incredible, hands-on opportunity for civic participation. This is one of the qualities that makes burns the unique experience that is so close to our hearts. It is also, bar none, the easiest, best, and most rewarding way to make new burner friends!

There are plenty of ways to get involved and put your particular skill set to good use, whether before, during or after the event. Are you new to burns? Volunteering is the best way to meet the community. Are you a seasoned burner, ready for more? You already get it – without volunteering, without YOU, we’re nothing more than a big group of people camping in the forest.

A few things we’ve heard from volunteers (and some we just made up):

“I met my partner while spanking burners in at greeters.”

“I wanted to focus on my mindfulness practice and I found helping others relax at Sanctuary to be very fulfilling.”
“I sparkled so hard at [close-by regional] that I’m gonna take like 4 shifts at Summerisle to make up for it.”

Whatever you passion, we have your raison!

New this year, we have worked to better define the different levels of volunteering that one may partake in across the various departments at Summerisle. It’s also our attempt to clarify who-does-what-when better.  Please contact us if you are interested in stepping into any higher-level leadership with our burn!


  • BOD: Board of Directors. They are the legally accountable board members who are on the nonprofit’s paperwork. They the one ones who play Ozian yahtzee behind the curtain re: addressing the critical infrastructure needs that makes the burn possible at the base level. Many also maintain coordinator and/or lead positions, but this role is theoretically distinct. This is an (almost) year-round job.


  • Coordinator(s): Pre-planner(s) for a Dept. or high-level job and head Bish-in-Charge on site in most cases unless it is urgent enough to elevate to BoD This is the person(s) the BOD looks to if something waxes catastrophic. Where every other volunteer fails, this is where the buck stops. More than one person can be a Coordinator of a Department, but they must work together, either via our Discord Summerisle Planning server or by other means of communication.


  • Lead(s) (either Of-the-Day, Of-the-Task, or Of-a-Shift): The person reporting directly to the Coordinator, but is the lead on their shift. They make the on-the-spot calls unless it is urgent enough to elevate to a Coordinator or the BoD. More than one person can be a Lead. We invite Leads to be part of pre-burn talks and decisions on our planning Discord channel.


  • Shift volunteers: Burn staff filling in open non-Lead slots on Signup.com and keeping the gears turning smoothly during the event itself. They elevate issues to Lead as needed. Most burners fall here! These shifts do NOT qualify for the reserve tickets.


Any questions?  Email us at summerisleburn@gmail.com.